The College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc. has no paid staff.  All the business of the corporation is conducted by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who generally meet on the fourth Saturday of the month at the Seminole Community Library.  The Board transacts all business and manages all property of the corporation.  It also determines the policies, allocates the funds, and in general assumes responsibility for the guidance of the affairs of the corporation.

The membership of the Board of Directors is comprised of the elected officers and the members-at-large.  The elected officers of the Board of Directors consist of the President, the Vice President, the Recording Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Assistant Treasurer.

The Board of Directors is supported by an all-volunteer Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board members are available to consult with and make recommendations to the Board of Directors in the area of their expertise.  The Advisory Board members may attend any meeting of the Board of Directors, but are particularly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting held the fourth Saturday in February.

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Our Boards
Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Officers (left to right): Karen Moseley, Vice President; Tim Owens, Treasurer;  Britt Hart, President; Sherry Rankine, Assistant Treasurer; and Kay Thompson, Recording Secretary.
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