Welcome to the College Fund of Pinellas County, Inc.
The College Fund of Pinellas County is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization run entirely by volunteers.  We raise money in order to help financially disadvantaged Pinellas County residents who have excellent scholastic potential, but insufficient funds to obtain a bachelor’s degree and thereby improve themselves, their family’s living standard, and their role in the community.

We have no paid employees.   The financial contributions from our Directors and Advisors exceed our administrative costs for printing, mailings, an annual independent financial review, State and Federal fees, and other miscellaneous items.

Therefore, 100% of the donations from the public is used to support all the deserving students we can.   Lack of additional funds prohibits aiding other qualified candidates.   Since 1965 we have helped over 700 financially-disadvantaged students achieve their goal of a college education.

Grant recipients receive $1,000 per year.  Once a student is selected, remains academically qualified, continues to receive a Pell grant, and continues to carry 12 or more hours, that student is supported until he or she receives a maximum of $4,000 or complete's a bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.  We are  supporting 57 students for the fall 2016 - spring 2017 school year.

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